This is the official website for Athens' underground rock band Last Rizla.

Last Rizla is a rock band from Athens, Greece formed in 2008.
Staggering between sludge, noise and punk, Last Rizla are well known for their sweaty, stinky but unexpectedly cathartic live shows. Being jinxed by ancient maritime deities, Last Rizla have unwittingly avoided stages and thus have done their thing in basements, bedrooms, quarries, balconies, arcades, squares, lawns, beaches, deserted villages, forests and various augérian non-places.
Despite their considerably dark music, Last Rizla are great guys with an unconditional love for eggs.

Last Rizla are Greg, Choko, Kostis and Stavros.

Last Rizla Great Band
Last Rizla Great Band



Just like a flatulent bowel aerification, it all started back in 2003, in that certain 2x3 basement, all being clumsy as mollusks. Punk rock and Red Hot covers. The Last Rizla thang was conceived around 2006, during a session in that uncertain rehearsal studio, featuring actual musicians that, of course, did not continue with the band. Last Rizla evolved into their amœboidic stage while in the aegean island of Syros—a spacetime paradox that inevitably shaped them as protozoa, men and women, forging thyme, stone and salt in their selves and resonance.
Last Rizla had their first gig in 2008 and self-released their first demo album as a vocals-guitar-bass-drums quartet in October 2009 thoughtfully named Last Rizla. The album, both a physical and digital release, was given around for free.

Last Rizla 2010
Last Rizla in 2010

After a tense sail through heavy seas, Last Rizla moved to Peiraeus in 2011, drawn by the otherwordly scents of raw meat and exhaust gas. In between playing gigs around Greece, Last Rizla met and became part of The Smoking Community in 2012. Later this year, they recorded Seamen, though it was only released in 2014. Seamen introduced a heavier instrumental sound and was met with critical acclaim among Last Rizla family members—especially the elderly and the hearing impaired.
In 2014, Last Rizla welcomed Stavros of sludge band Sadhus to handle vocals and have since continued gigging in obscure and sonically diminished places.

Last Rizla 2016
Last Rizla in 2016

Last Rizla members suffer/have suffered from raging haemorrhoids, thyroid anomalies, high blood pressure, broken teeth, stones in the gall bladder, mild depression, panic attacks, staphylococcal infections, joint dislocations, poisonings—not to mention the black eyes, bruises and burns.
Furthermore, the vast majority of Last Rizla members have encountered dispiriting problems of bad, plain bad, haircuts, hairstyles and/or hair conditions; baldness, dandruff, lovelocks, mullets, disoriented dreadlocks, cowlicks, single breads, fluffy mohawks and weak afros.
Last Rizla have seen so many colours that they prefer their website to be black and white and, by the way, Last Rizla do not currently have a facebook page (but these guys who've done the fake one are fucking hilarious) got bread and lettuce and here they are.